Claudia Cardinale and Charles Bronson – Eger the New Hollywood 🎥 – Eger Hirek 41481256_2237288103168711_8349712342375727104_n

New Interview with Bronzi for LOKAL NEWSMAGAZINE In Budapest 7/5/2018. Written by M. Kovacs Robert. In Hungarian Language. Will post the English Translated version when available.  Speaks of live western show performances, new Hollywood film career and similarities to Cinema Legend Charles Bronson. Great pictures too.  03-bronson-800x511_U6I7958

We found Charles Bronson’s Hungarian look a like – Photos!
M. Róbert Kovács, 2018. 07. 05. 00:01

It is like the legendary Charles Bronson Róbert Kovács. Bronze had previously worked in various western parks around the world, but he has recently become a Hollywood career.