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Photos VÁRPALOTÁ FESTIVAL a great tradition of culture, music, arts performance and staged combat. VÁRPALOTÁ HUNGARY June 2019.

Photos of fifth world summit Hajdúnánás 2018! V. Hajdúk Világtalálkozója – Hajdúnánás 2018 Aug 3,4,5


Photos of VÁRPALOTÁ There was a great tradition of festivals and meetings. 8,9 10 of Jun 2018




MAY 18,19,20 2018

The XVI. By the Turkish conquest of the century, Tata became a permanent venue for the Turkish-Hungarian struggles. One of his most prominent sieges was on May 23, 1597, when Miklós Pálffy Count, the leader of the imperial-royal armies, retracted the Tatra fort from the Turks. The significance of the Tata Castle was also increased in the fifteen-year war that in the 16th-17th centuries, In the 19th century, an extensive marshland was most important if it was not the only crossing between Buda and Győr. In 1594, following the Christian siege of Esztergom, the Turkish military led Buda and the only possible route to the supply of the supply, threatening the Danube, Gyor. However, because of the shortest path to Buda, the Tata had to be booked. Between 1595 and 1597 attention from the Transdanubia to the East turned. Following Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia and the Turkish Anti-Turism Association of Habsburgs, the weight of military operations was shifted to the Al-Danube. Mihály vajda ……

Bronzi with The Legend Franco Nero ( Django, Keoma, Enter The Ninja ) 21st Bikavér Feast of Eger. The historic scene commemorates the famous battle of Eger in 1552…..

Watch Bronzi Ride, Rope, Handle a Six Shooter and Entertain the crowds at EL RANCHO TEXAS PARK…….. A Real Old West Cowboy!!!!!