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A Wonderful time spent with Famous Hungarian Actors Dezső Straub and Gábor Reviczky in Gyula. Team Building with Romis Films, Fishing and some Accordion!

Excerpt from BEOL.hu

READ The Full Story in Hungarian Language https://www.beol.hu/kozelet/helyi-kozelet/straub-dezsovel-es-reviczky-gaborral-logattak-be-gyulan-2723712/?fbclid=IwAR0HysRLYHyWpvzr5pwSOVom-cQ-HN5OCRb8f8KNLRsXKjqCrfEki6dNtuY

The crew of Romis Film with Dezső Straub and Gábor Reviczky tuned in with the team-building program held at the Gábor Kiss fishing lake in Gyula.

We were at the first location of the film “Hookasok” in the spa town on Wednesday, but most of the film will be filmed in Békés County, Gyula, Biharugrá, in Körösok – we learned from producer Adam Varga, managing director of Romis Media Group.

Team building took place as some fished the lovely waters, while Charles Bronson’s Hungarian doppelganger Robert Bronzi played and sang on the accordion. And of course, there was also talk of Hookas, one of the main roles of which will be played by The Straub Dezső of Jászai Mari. The actor is an avid fisherman and Hungarian ambassador for fishing.

Photo by Attila Harmati!

Pictures from recent Test Footage of Hungarian-American Action Films….. Photos by my good friend and photographer Attila Harmati.

Test shots of two American-Hungarian co-production thrillers were filmed in the Tarhos Castle Park. The protagonist of both works will be Robert Bronzi, who will also be making a documentary. Article by BEOL. Photos by Attila Harmati.

More than fifty people crowded around the castle park on Monday morning, along with the aforementioned Robert Bronzi, featuring actor Gábor Reviczky, who will also play a key role in one of the films. Gabor Piroch, a stunt expert who has been involved in more than 350 television and film productions since 1969, is also a very big name in the industry. In 2007, he was nominated for the Freedom, Love movie at the Taurus World Stunt Awards, the most acclaimed stunt. He has been featured in many Hollywood blockbusters. To name but a few, works like Transformers 3, Thor, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Battle of the Worlds, Alamo – The 13-Day Siege, Terminator 3, The Scorpion King, The Mummy, Titanic , Hudson Hawk and Total Recall. On Monday, the specialist directed the action scenes.

Robert Bronzi fights hard with kidnappers.
Adam Varga, managing director and studio manager for Romis Media Group, said test recordings of two thrillers were recorded on Tarhos the first day of the week. As we have learned, in the first story, five forest engineers are trapped in the mountains of Transylvania and are attacked by human-eating wolves. Only the character formed by Robert Bronzi survives the ordeal and fights the beasts. A smaller part of the scenes will be filmed in the Bihari Mountains and a larger part will be filmed in Tarhos.
In the other film, the daughter of a former secret agent is kidnapped and the angry father follows in the footsteps of the criminals. As mentioned, Robert Bronzi plays the protagonist in this thriller, but he will also have a very important help in the role of a wheelchair colonel, who will be played by Gábor Reviczky.
Bronze, the American producer of Jeff Miller, has joined the work, with a total of twenty-six films.

An Excerpt from the recent article from BEOL


That’s a wrap on The Gardener Movie. Recently filmed in England with a wonderful team of filmmaking professionals. Can’t share too much but here is the information so far…. An immigrant working a quiet life as a gardener at a manor house in England has to rely on old skills to save the family he works for from home invaders.

This will be an amazing action film starring Martial Arts Actor and International Superstar Gary Daniels and Actress Sarah T. Cohen. Thank you to Directors Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews for such a wonderful experience. Thank You Writers Ben Demaree (screenplay) and Jeff Miller (story). Producers Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews. Cinematographer Ben Collin and Editor Michael Hoad and so many others involved from the unbeivable cast to the efficient and hard working crew. Can’t wait to show the world The Gardener Movie!

To all reading this. Thank you for taking the journey and enjoying all of these films. Many more to come. Till then much respect and happiness. #TeamBronzi

Preparing Mind and Body for several new Action Films!

Many Thank You to my amazing friends at THAI WORKS TEAM Hungary! They are fully responsible for getting me into shape for all the fight scenes. Kicking punching and running all day to get in shape and camera ready. These guys are The Best! Up next off the England for the new Action Film THE GARDENER. Stay tuned to all my social media for all the updates and pictures on set. As always much respect! Keep punching and live your dreams! #TeamBronzi

Thank You Tokyo Japan

It was an honor to promote Death Kiss in Tokyo Japan where it will be released in December as Beast Executioner. Very exciting. The people of Japan are so supportive of the film, welcoming and eager to watch. We appreciate the opportunity to show the film to international audiences. Thank you to the wonderful people of Tokyo, all of our new friends, Fantastic Film Fest portion of the Tokyo International Film Festival for all of your support and Producer Jeff Miller for taking me on this journey. And thank you all for following my adventures and spreading the word about our films. Till next time. #TeamBronzi

More Adventures in Hungary

In October I had the pleasure of visiting FILMNAP in Hungary. A celebration of classic cinema. Made so many wonderful memories made. Always a pleasure to see the lovely Claudia Cardinale. Italian Actress and star of the Epic Western Once Upon A Time In The West. Meet and discuss film with Italian Acting legends and film tough guys Salvatore Borgese and Riccardo Pizzuti. Both amazing actors and former Film Stuntmen. Honored to meet so many fine people on this journey. Thank you all for joining me and giving such support. We shall see where it takes us next. See you all soon. #TeamBronzi