So Many Great Reviews for DEATH KISS ahead of October VOD Release…..

  So Many Great reviews ahead of the October 2nd VOD Release of Death Kiss through Uncork’d Entertainment. Then DVD Home release in December. So many critics sharing about the film and so much positive response for Director Rene Perez and the whole DW Team. We are excited to show the world this amazing action yarn.

” Robert Kovacs sombre killer mirroring the Rambo-esque action’s of Bronson’s character in Cannon Films era: playing hero rather than vigilante: and it’s all the better for it. ”

” It’s lead character is the spitting image of Bronson, and truth be told, it’s hard to believe it’s not. “

” Death Kiss is an exceptional revenge film. ” IndieHorrorOnline

” Writer Director Rene Perez is a Mo#&* F*)%$G Genius! What he has created with Death Kiss is the greatest film Cannon never made! ”

  Now please watch the film and add your thoughts and enjoy the pictures above. More Bronzi fun to come in new adventures in American Action Film. Till next time and Thank You! #Bronzi

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